Vodka "Spasskaya Classicheskaya" is made of the best grain spirit and pure spring water.

This is a model of truly Russian Vodka.


 Spasskaya TM

Alcoholic beverage

Certificate of Conformity 51355-99

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Size: O,5 le.

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, high-quality rectified ethyl grain spirit "de Luxe".


By the time Spass comes — all fruits are ripe.

Russian proverb

Vladimir Dal affirmed that usually tip "for service" was given to a person to buy vodka first of all and only then tear and coffee.

When God created a German, Frenchman, Englishman and others he asked them weather they were satisfied with everything. All of them answered affirmatively and only Russian, also asked God for "vodka tips".


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