Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya" is made of the best grain spirit, natural honey and pure spring water.

In Russia natural honey is often used in rejuvenate and medical purposes by rubbing it into skin. The same kind of honey we use, while adding it in Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya".


 Spasskaya TM

Alcoholic beverage

Certificate of Conformity 51355-99

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Size: O,5 le.

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, high-quality rectified ethyl grain spirit "de Luxe", natural honey.


At Honey Spas even a poor man can taste honey.

Russian Proverb


The First Spas — Honey Spas is celebrated on the 14 of August. By this time the storage cycle came to its end and bee keepers started to break and cut honeycombs, which were full of sweet honey. First honeycombs were taken to a church and sanctified. In old times there was a proverb: "At Honey Spas even a poor man can taste honey". In old times there was a tradition to give some part of sanctified honey to the poor and sick people.


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