In 2005 "Alkon" launched production of four new nastoykas: "Lubava Brusnichnaya", "Lubava Klukvennaya", "Lubava Malinovaya", "Lubava Rabinovaya".
Created of herbs and ripe berries, nastoykas have a wonderful taste for which they are called Yagodny Miod (Berry honey).


Lubava Brusnichnaya Lubava "Brusnichnaya"
Alcohol 20% vol.
Its scarlet color "Lyubava Brusnichnaya" owes brusovka (fresh juice of cowberries).

Lubava "Klukvennaya" Lubava "Klukvennaya"
Alcohol 20% vol.
For each bottle of "Lubava Klukvennaya" we need 62 sappy sour globular fruit of cranberry, with an average diameter of 0.43 in.

Lubava "Malinovaya"  Lubava "Malinovaya"
Alcohol 20% vol.
Malina is a Russian word for raspberry.

Lubava "Rabinovaya" Lubava "Rabinovaya"
Alcohol 20% vol.
If thrushes and bullfinches start pecking ashberry, it means that berries are ripe and it is high time to pick up and store red clusters of ashberry for "Lubava Rabinivaya".


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