Fresh, ripe, gathered in time

This is a special beauty, taste and bloomy color of "Alkon".

There are lots of berries at the distilery and all of them from local area.  

For our beverages we use a great variety of natural, ripe berries: cranberry, cowberry, bilberry, ashberry, black ashberry, cherry, raspberry and black currant. 

All of them are thoroughly cleaned, dried, stewed, soaked, squeezed, and evaporated. The aim of all these procedures is simple — to prepare life berry water, which is the basic ingredient for our nastoykas, fruit liquors, and balsams.



In our region hundreds of people go to the forest every year to pick up berries. A lot of these people bring us full baskets of berries. For them it's a whole business.

Galina Aleksandrova, Alkon Laboratory Manager

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