Today "Alkon" produces strong and soft Russian alcohol beverages and live water

Strong alcohol (vodkas, bitter nastoykas, balsams of 40% vol.)

Vodka "Alkon"
Vodka "Alkon Zolotaya"
Vodka "Alkon Medovaya"
Vodka "Alkon Pertsovaya"
Vodka "Viliky Novgorod"
Vodka "Ministerskaya"
Vodka "Novgorodskoe veche"
Vodka "Novgorodskaya Stoletnaya"
Vodka "Novgorodskaya Spetsialnaya"
Vodka "Posadskaya"
Vodka "Sadko"
Vodka "Spasskaya Classicheskaya"
Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya"
Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya"
Vodka "Spasskaya Yablochnaya"
Vodka "Tisyatskaya"

Balsam "Drevnerussky"
Balsam "Sadko"

Gin "Sadko"

Nastoyka "Novgorodskaya Yubileynaya"
Nastoyka "Sadko"
Nastoyka "Sadko Medovaya s Pertsem"

Soft alcohol (sweet nastoykas, fruit liquors, liquors of 38% vol.)

Aperitif "Ganseysky"
Dessert beverage "Klukovka"
Dessert liquors "Lada"
Semi-sweet nastoyka "Charodeyka"
Sweet nastoyka "Klukvennaya"
Sweet nastoyka "Lubava Rabinovaya"
Sweet nastoyka "Lubava Klukvennaya"
Sweet nastoyka "Lubava Malinovaya"
Sweet nastoyka "Lyubava Brusnichnaya"
Sweet nastoyka "Marfa Posadnitsa"
Sweet nastoyka "Novgorodochka"
Sweet nastoyka "Ryabina na Konyake"
Sweet nastoyka "Yaroslavna"
Fruit liquor "Spotikach"
Fruit liquor "Yuryevskaya"

Live drinking water

Water "Ilmenskaya"


Alkon's Pride — original brand beverages

Release years

1982 — a recipe of the first original brand beverage Nastoyka "Novgorodskaya Yubileynaya" (produced since 1983)

1996 — Vodka "Posadskaya", Vodka "Novgorodskoe veche"

1997 — Vodka "Ministerskaya", Vodka "Novgorodskaya Stoletnaya"

1998 — Sweet nastoykas "Marfa Posadnitsa", "Yaroslavna", "Yuryevskaya", "Novgorodochka"

1999 — Gin "Alkon", Aperitif "Ganseysky", Vodka "Sadko"

2000 — Vodka "Alkon"

2002 Gin "Sadko", Balsam "Sadko" and Nastoyka "Sadko", Vodka "Tisyatskaya"

2003 — Water "Ilmenskaya"

2004 — Line of Vodkas "Alkon" - Zolotaya (Golden), Medovaya (Honey), Pertsovaya (Pepper); Nastoyka "Sadko Medovaya s Pertsem"

2005 — Family of Sweet Nastoykas "Lubava", Family of Vodkas "Spasskaya"

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