The word "Sugar" comes from Sanskrit word शर्करा (śarkarā), which means "sweet". Commonly "sugar" is a name for sucrose — disaccharide, which consists of two monosaccharides — glucose and fructose. In nature disaccharide occurs in many fruits and berries.

At "Alkon" distillery sugar is either used for preparing sugar syrup, which in its turn is used for weetening beverages or it is caramelized in colour for darkening the beverage and adding a delicate aroma with a taste of bitterness.


If to arrange all the beverages produced by Alkon according to their level of sugar content the list will be the following: Water "Ilmenskaya", vodkas, bitter nastoykas, gins, balsamas, semi-sweet nastoykas, sweet nastoykas, dessert beverages, fruit liqueurs.


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