Four high-quality vodkas: Vodka "Spasskaya Classicheskaya", Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya", Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya", Vodka "Spasskaya Yablochnaya" devised by Alkon in 2005 follow age-old traditions of preparing truly Russian strong drinks.
These Vodkas got their names due to the famous Russian folk holidays called Spass (14, 19 and 29 of August).

Spasskaya Classicheskaya Vodka "Spasskaya Classicheskaya"
Alcohol 40% vol.
This is a model of truly Russian Vodka.

Spasskaya Medovaya Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya"
Alcohol 40% vol.
Vodka "Spasskaya Medovaya" is made of the best grain spirit, natural honey and pure spring water.

Spasskaya Hlebnaya Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya"
Alcohol 40% vol.
Rye dried crusts, which are made of black bread are the main ingredients of Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya".

Spasskaya Yablochnaya Vodka "Spasskaya Yablochnaya"
Alcohol 40% vol.
For each bottle of Vodka "Spasskaya Yablochnaya" we need not less then ten ripe apples, dry them and brew with honey.


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